Annotated Bibliography

“Case Files of Henry Ford.” The Franklin Institute. 27 January 2009                               
This is a case file with links tomany primary source documents. It  has reports on the Chamber of Commerce and the automotive industry, and other reports in The Franklin Institute. It has additional links of journals, graphs, and pictures of the automotive industry. This case file on Henry Ford is difficult to read each report because of the many links and the old document with small font. 

Ford, Henry. “My Life and Work.” The Project Gutenberg EBook. 26 January 2009             
            <> This is Henry Ford’s own autobiography on his own company. It talks about his business, what he has learned,and what he changed in America. It is very detailed because it is himself that he is talking about. This is the book Henry Ford wrote about himself and it is very thorough. I can use this source for direct quotes and also as a primary source.

"Ford, Henry." Quotations Books. 2 Feb 2009 
<> This website has multiple quotes that Henry Ford said. It gives insight into what Ford was thinking and how his belief of helping out his workers actually ended up helping him.

“Henry Ford has two objectives in life; Head of Company Which Earned Nearly $60,000,000 Last Year Explains his Success.” New York Times. 27 January 2009                        
        <> This is an article written in the early 1920’s. It goes into detail about how the Ford Motor Company paid its workers one of the highest salaries of all companies at the time. It also shows how Henry Ford’s company still made a profit of almost $60,000,000, which was a substantial sum of       money at that time. This meant that the Ford company was very successful, and that the innovative things that Ford was doing actually worked.

Allen, Scott. “Henry Ford – Found of Ford Motor Company and Assembly Line Innovator.”  
. 26 January 2009                       
      <> This article describes all aspect of Henry Ford’s Life. It includes his early years, Ford Motor Company, Assembly line innovation, Management style, Legacy, and more.  It has Henry Ford Quotations for Entrepreneurs that can be used in our website. 

Ament, Phil. "Fascinating facts about Henry Ford." The Great Idea Finder. 21 May 2007. 2 Feb         2009                                        
<>. This website provides facts about Henry Ford from his birth to his death. This source is helpful because of its forward and specific facts pertaining to Henry Ford’s life. 

Bailey, Thomas, David Kennedy, and Lizabeth Cohen. The American Pageant. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company,  1998. This is the AP U.S. History textbook that provides some information regarding Henry Ford during the 1920’s and 1930’s time period. It can be used for reference and for background detail concerning Henry Ford’s emergence into the world.

Bates, Michael (2006, January 3). History, Henry Ford, and the minimum wage. Retrieved                        March 25, 2009, from Renew America Web site:    
This source was useful in determining the effects of Henry  Ford’s changes in the   automobile industry (such as the five dollar work day) on his employees and the success of his company. The source shows how it saved Ford money instead of costing him, and also how it affects other companies that still exist today.

Brinkley, Douglas. Wheels for the World: Henry Ford, His Company, and a Century of Progress. New York: Viking, 2003. This is a book that gives an insight into the Ford Motor Company. Not only does it give a background on Henry Ford’s life, it continues to explain the impact that Henry Ford had on not only America, but the world, well into the 21st century. It defines the legacy that Henry Ford left on the United States. 

Davis, Mike. "Ford Timeline: 1863-1943." The Car June 16 2003. 01 March 2009.                    <>. This source provides important dates in Henry Ford’s life. We will be using this source for information in our timeline, and the sections “Early Life” as well as “Ford Motor Company and the Model T”.

Ford, Henry. The Columbia Encyclopedia. The Columbia University Press. Edition 6, 2000. p.14021. (951 words) From General OneFile. This source highlights Ford’s background before his success in the automobile industry and after as well. This source will be mostly used for specific facts about Ford’s life, such as names, dates, and special events.

“Ford, Henry.” World Book. Chicago, Illinois: World Book Inc., 2007. There is a short biography on Henry Ford but then it continues to talk about his industrial accomplishments and his early life. It gives details on his Model T car and his change   in America, such as minimum wage change. This source also talks about his political affairs and what he did in charitable works. This encyclopedia source is a good overview on Henry Ford’s achievements and can be used as reference. 

Ford, Henry (1863-1947). World of InventionEd. Kimberley A. McGrath. Online ed. Detroit: Thomson Gale, 2006.  From Student Resource Center - Gold. This source elaborates on the actual things Ford invented, including the Model T and the Quadricycle, which werehis bases for the future cars that would make him millions.

Gourley, Catherine. Wheels of Time. Brookfield: The Millbrook Press, Inc., 1997. This a book source on Henry Ford with many pictures throughout his life. It begins with his childhood and continues on with his developments. It can be used to convey the atmosphere ofHenry Ford's childhood.

“Henry Ford 1863-1957.” People and Discoveries. 26 January 2009                       
       <> This is a short description of Henry Ford. It talks about his parents and about his work in the Detroit   Edison Company. This source gives a small amount of information but is different from the rest of the sources because it talks of Henry Ford’s work before his own company.

“Henry Ford and the Model T.” Henry Ford and the Model T. 26 January 2009           
<>. This source is part of a book but written on a site. It is a short excerpt from the book talking about  Henry Ford’s early ambitions and his Model T car. It also gives some of his strugglessuch as his legal battle for The Ford Motors Company. It is a detailed and thorough source regarding the building of the Model T source but lacks additional information on some other areas of Henry Ford’s life.

“Henry Ford Changes the World, 1908.” Eyewitness to 26 January 2009                 
       <> It gives summary on Henry Ford’s achievements. This source is also description regarding the Model T and its development as a car. It mainly focuses on Henry Ford’s implementation of the Assembly line. It does give much detail on why there was an assembly line and there are not as much details. 

"Henry Ford Invents a Jewish Conspiracy." The Great Idea Finder. 28 January 2009. American Jewish Historical Society. 1 Feb 2009
            <> This website addresses the controversy caused by the paper Ford publishes containing anti-Semitic comments and how the Jewish community was affected, as well as how Ford’s car company was affected. It is brief, but gets to the point. 

McGill, Sara Ann. "Henry Ford." Henry Ford (Sep. 2005): 1-2. Book Collection: Nonfiction. EBSCO. SSFHS, So        
        <  live>
This is just a short background on Henry Ford’s early life. It timelines everything from Ford’s childhood, to his days working in Detroit repairing steam engines, to his days as an engineer and so forth. 

Oak, Manali. "Henry Ford Timeline." May 24 2008. 17 Mar 2009                           
This source provides a timeline with detailed descriptions about specific events in Henry Ford’s life, ranging from his own birth to the birth of the Model T. We will use this source in order to help us with our timeline.

Sobel, Robert. "Ford, Henry." World Book Advanced. 2009. ssfhs. 2 Feb. 2009                
This is just a quick, short summary of Henry Ford and his life as an automobile maker and engineer. It briefly goes into how Ford made it accessible for everyone to own a car with his Model-T Ford at a time when only high-status people owned an automobile. 

Temple, Bob. Henry Ford: Automobile Manufacturer and Innovator. Minn.: Child's World, 2003. This is another, simpler biography of Henry Ford. It explains Ford’s life work andthe way he affected the United States by making quality cars that were affordable for most. Not only did Henry Ford revolutionize the automobile industry, he revolutionized all of industry in general with his $5 minimum wage, which was unheard of at the time. Henry Ford set the standard for all industries and showed how innovation can lead to success.

“The Ford Story." The Henry Ford Heritage Association. 2 Feb 2009                     
This is a background of Henry Ford written by the foundation he started. It explains all of Ford’s good aspects as well as the  way the Model-T came about and how Henry Ford became so successful by implicating the assembly line to increase mass production. It describes in detail how and        why Henry Ford did what he did.

”The Life of Henry Ford.” The Henry Ford. 26 January 2009                     
<> It is a very detailed site with many links regarding Henry Ford’s life. From his childhood to the engineer, it gives a chronology with description of what he has done over time. This source gives a variety of information but not enough detail. However, the information can still be used effectively.

Watts, Steven. The People's Tycoon: Henry Ford and the American Century. New York: A.A.
Knopf, 2005. Watts goes into how Ford had a lasting effect on the 20th century and how the automobile industry was forever changed with Henry Ford’s revolutionary ideas. He then goes on to say that Henry Ford was one of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century and nails everything from the Model-A to the Mustang and beyond.

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