"History is more or less bunk."

- Henry Ford
(Quotation Books).


1863: July 30 — Birth of Henry Ford on his father’s farm in Springwells Township, near Dearborn, Michigan (Oak)

1879: Ford takes his first job at Michigan Car Company, a railroad-car manufacturer in Detroit(Oak).
(Source: Downloaded from http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a9/Henry_Ford_1888.jpg).

1880: Ford worked as a machine apprentice and begun work as a watch repairman in a shop in Detroit during extra hours(Oak).

1882: Westinghouse employed Ford to operate their steam engines. (Oak)

1884-5: Ford attends business school in Detroit part-time. (Davis)

1888: Ford wedded Clara Bryant (Davis)
(Source: Downloaded from www.gpschools.org/.../ eng/k5/third/fordpic.htm)

1892: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford move to Detroit when he takes job as an engineer of stationary steam engines at Edison Illuminating Co. (Oak)

1893: Birth of Edsel Ford; Henry Ford was promoted to Chief Engineer and was in a position to concentrate on his experiments with home-built gasoline internal-combustion engines. (Oak)
(Source: Downloaded from apps.detnews.com/apps/ history/index.php?id=187)

1896: Ford runs his first experimental car, the Quadricycle, on the streets of Detroit (Davis).

1899: Ford quits his job at Edison Illuminating Co. Backed by some investors, Ford established the Detroit Automobile Company on August 5. (Oak)

1901: The Detroit Automobile Company had failed, and left Ford jobless. He moves his wife and son back into his father’s home on Grand Boulevard in Detroit; Ford, driving his own car, beats Winton in automobile race and attracts investors (Davis).

1903: Ford Company is formed.(Davis)

1906: Ford overtakes Olds, Buick and Cadillac (Davis)

1908: Model T was introduced. The car model had many structural changes like the steering wheel being on the left side and the use of semi-elliptic springs in the car suspension. (Oak)
(Source: Downloaded from www.uh.edu/ engines/epi1231.htm)

1913: The mass production of Ford’s moving assembly line began. (Oak)

1914: Henry Ford gave a high salary rise to his workers. This move attracted all the expertise of Detroit to work for him. ('The Life of Henry Ford').

1918: On the request of President Woodrow Wilson, Ford stood as a candidate of peace and a backer of the proposed League of Nations. His son Edsel descended him as the President of Ford Motor Company; Henry Ford loses Senate race as Democrat. (Oak)

1920: Increasing competition had a negative impact on Model T’s popularity. (Oak)

1926: Ford ends production of the Model T and introduces new Model A. (Oak)
(Source: Downloaded from http://www.uh.edu/engines/model-a.jpg).

1930: The Universal Credit Corporation owned by Ford emerged as a major car financing organization. By 1932, Ford was producing one third of the world’s automobiles. (Oak)

1943: Death of Edsel Ford (The Life of Henry Ford)

1947: On April 7, Henry Ford died of cerebral hemorrhage at 83 years old. (Oak)
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